Function may be called multiple times

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Function may be called multiple times

Postby bigN » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:35 am

Hello, i have very basic cefglue winform which loads an html page. By clicking on the button a XHR request sent to the CefGlue browser (ver. xilium-xilium.cefglue-cc23b14f414c).
The message is received by the browser correctly, but then interesting thing happens. If user send request the second time (click the button) then 2 requests are sent, next time 3 requests and so on.
During initialization (In program.cs) i do register once the below SchemeHandler. No other initialisation is done anywhere. Does anybody seen similar behaviour?

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CefRuntime.RegisterSchemeHandlerFactory("http", DumpRequestDomain, new DemoAppSchemeHandlerFactory());

Below is the actual handler.
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class DemoAppSchemeHandlerFactory : CefSchemeHandlerFactory
        protected override CefResourceHandler Create(CefBrowser browser, CefFrame frame, string schemeName, CefRequest request)
            return new MySchemeHandler();
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