Combining CefGlue and Single-Page Websites

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Combining CefGlue and Single-Page Websites

Postby teremy » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:38 pm

I am using CefGlue to show a local .html file. I also managed to use CefGlue to make async js calls on that website to be to dynamically change that .html file's content.
I am thinking of using a framework for single page creation.
I also wanted to use javascript to include an .html file inside the main .html file so I can split the main .html file into several .html files to make things more managable.
However including .html won't work because of Cross Origin Requests. I tried this:
But also using jQuery etc. I can't just include another .html inside an .html file using JS.
Looks like I need a webserver. I still want to be able todo this, if I have to start a webserver then how will I deploy my app at some point? The app has to start a webserver first and then run the actual CefGlue application, which can then load the main .html ( and the main .html will successfully include other .html files using JS, because it is run in a webserver ).
I hope it is clear what I am trying to achieve.
Any suggestions on the webserver thing ( if that is the right thing todo ) and how I would deploy the app?
Thanks in advance.

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