CefRequestHandler - How to disable clicking on links ?

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CefRequestHandler - How to disable clicking on links ?

Postby amaranth » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:13 am

My own WinForms application based on the example of Dmitry Arazayev showing URL's in CefWebBrowser in cycle. Well, I want to disable clicking and following any links except by using CefBrowser.GetMainFrame().LoadUrl() in my cycle body. I try to use OnBeforeBrowse:
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protected override bool OnBeforeBrowse(CefBrowser browser, CefFrame frame, CefRequest request, bool userGesture, bool isRedirect)
            if (userGesture)
                return true;
                return false;

But I'm getting error ERR_ABORTED in LoadError event. Is it possible to turn off this error? Many thanks.
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Re: CefRequestHandler - How to disable clicking on links ?

Postby ndesktop » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:17 pm

This is normal.
From include/cef_request_handler.h
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class CefRequestHandler : public virtual CefBaseRefCounted {
  // Called on the UI thread before browser navigation. Return true to cancel
  // the navigation or false to allow the navigation to proceed. The |request|
  // object cannot be modified in this callback.
  // CefLoadHandler::OnLoadingStateChange will be called twice in all cases.
  // If the navigation is allowed CefLoadHandler::OnLoadStart and
  // CefLoadHandler::OnLoadEnd will be called. If the navigation is canceled
  // CefLoadHandler::OnLoadError will be called with an |errorCode| value of
  // ERR_ABORTED. The |user_gesture| value will be true if the browser
  // navigated via explicit user gesture (e.g. clicking a link) or false if it
  // navigated automatically (e.g. via the DomContentLoaded event).
  virtual bool OnBeforeBrowse(CefRefPtr<CefBrowser> browser,
                              CefRefPtr<CefFrame> frame,
                              CefRefPtr<CefRequest> request,
                              bool user_gesture,
                              bool is_redirect) {
    return false;

1. The |request| object cannot be modified in this callback.
2. If the navigation is canceledCefLoadHandler::OnLoadError will be called with an |errorCode| value of ERR_ABORTED.

I'd try using OnOpenURLFromTab instead. Although the implementation ends with a comment which is not encouraging.
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// |source| may be NULL if the navigation originates from a guest view via
// CefContentBrowserClient::CanCreateWindow.
content::WebContents* CefBrowserHostImpl::OpenURLFromTab(
    content::WebContents* source,
    const content::OpenURLParams& params) {
  bool cancel = false;

  if (client_.get()) {
    CefRefPtr<CefRequestHandler> handler = client_->GetRequestHandler();
    if (handler.get()) {
      cancel = handler->OnOpenURLFromTab(
          this, GetFrame(params.frame_tree_node_id), params.url.spec(),

  if (!cancel) {
    // Start a navigation in the current browser that will result in the
    // creation of a new render process.
    LoadURL(CefFrameHostImpl::kMainFrameId, params.url.spec(), params.referrer,
            params.transition, params.extra_headers);
    return source;

  // We don't know where the navigation, if any, will occur.
  return nullptr;
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