MacOS. Questions from noob

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MacOS. Questions from noob

Postby achiv » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:16 am

MacOs 10.13.3
JAVA 8U121

1. I am compier JCEF. ... ndBuilding
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# Open jcef.xcodeproj in Xcode
# - Select Scheme > Edit Scheme and change the "Build Configuration" to "Release"
# - Select Product > Build.

Success. But i see warning "ld: warning: -pie being ignored. It is only used when linking a main executable". Isn' it critical?
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cd /path/to/java-cef/src/jcef_build/native/Release

I see error in console
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Offscreen rendering disabled
WARNING: GL pipe is running in software mode (Renderer ID=0x1020400)
JCEF Version = 3.3239.171
CEF Version = 3.3239.1716
Chromium Version = 63.0.3239.109
initialize on Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main] with library path /Users/admin/Desktop/jcef/src/jcef_build/native/Release/
Added scheme search://
Added scheme client://
Assertion failed: (![self _isLayerBacked]), function -[NSView _updateLayerBackedness], file /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/, line 3244.
Abort trap: 6

I find patch, but i don't how apply it. Help me please, please tell me, what do I have to do? ... ierra-1013
3. I have JCEF project, which success work on windows.
But run this project on macOS with JCEF macOS jar files give me error
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WARNING: GL pipe is running in software mode (Renderer ID=0x1020400)
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Users/admin/Desktop/jcef/src/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib: dlopen(/Users/admin/Desktop/jcef/src/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib, 1): Library not loaded: @rpath/Frameworks/Chromium Embedded Framework.framework/Chromium Embedded Framework
  Referenced from: /Users/admin/Desktop/jcef/src/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib
  Reason: image not found

I seach solution ... t-35461901
But I am not undestand, what do with that.

Please, any information and advice.
I am first time work with macOS :oops:
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Re: MacOS. Questions from noob

Postby Czarek » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:37 am

1) Not sure about JCEF, but building CEF from sources requires XCode 8.3, see requirements here: ... ndBuilding
2) Seems like the patch needs to be applied to JCEF sources. You then need to rebuild JCEF.
3) Currently JCEF requires that you put CEF binary files in the same directory in which java binaries reside.
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