Strange subprocess behavour on linux

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Strange subprocess behavour on linux

Postby fr3nzy » Thu May 17, 2018 6:06 am


I am trying to develop a dynamic library on Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64 Desktop with CEF 3.3359.1768.g8e7c5d6.
Currently i have problems with simple startup and shutdown of the app, which are called from an application linked to my dynamic library which is linked to
When i execute CefQuitMessageLoop the shutdown procedure hangs on CefShutdown.
I need to create a working .so, but i have tried this procedure in a simple application directly linked to and it worked, it appears that i'm missing some CEF configuration for dynamic library or it has some behaviour dependant on library/application type. Also I have similar dynamic library for windows and it is working very good. Anyone with the same experience or knowledge, please help.

Edit: I tried to change my library type to static and the application worked as intended. This raises the following quiestion: Is there any restriction on running CEF in shared/dynamic library on linux platform?

Startup and main thread code:
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CefMainArgs mainArgs;

CefSettings settings;
settings.command_line_args_disabled = true;
settings.multi_threaded_message_loop = false;
settings.no_sandbox = true;

std::cout << "t1\n";
CefInitialize(mainArgs, settings, nullptr, nullptr);
//signal initialize success to other threads
std::cout << "t2\n";
std::cout << "t3\n";
std::cout << "t4\n";
//signal termination

Shutdown code:
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std::cout << "m1\n";
CefPostTask(TID_UI, base::Bind(&CefQuitMessageLoop));
std::cout << "m2\n";
//wait for termination
std::cout << "m3\n";
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