Using CEF with GTK on Windows?

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Using CEF with GTK on Windows?

Postby Peter » Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:44 am


This probably does not make a lot of sense, but anyway: can I use CEF with GTK on Windows, in the same way as it works on Linux?

As I understand, on Linux CEF kind of has to use GTK, but on Windows it really doesn't need to - but I already have a bunch of useful features implemented on Linux using GTK, and GTK is cross-platform.

I wonder, can this be done without major changes to the CEF library itself? It seems to run its own GTK event loop on Linux, so I'm not quite sure where to put it in a Windows GTK app...
In the worst case, I guess it can be used in OSR mode, but I'd prefer to have a properly GPU-accelerated window.
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