No rendering after upgrade from CEF 81 to 87 on Linux

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No rendering after upgrade from CEF 81 to 87 on Linux

Postby radar » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:31 am

Hi forum

I'm maintaining Eclipse RCP application where we bundle CEF. As annual tech upgrade process, I'm updating from CEF 81.2.21 to 87.1.11 (latest). While I don't encounter any problems on Windows, the Linux version stopped rendering, i.e I'm seeing a black screen.

- Going from SWT through JNI to CEF
- Our code is based on cefclient, including the external message pump
- Sandbox is off, other flags are default
- Browser process loads pages and seems to communicate with other CEF processes
- If I disable the message pump, I'm getting a gray screen. From this I assume, event handling is working properly, but something's wrong with render/GPU processes.
- Not getting any CEF/Chromium errors/warnings

I've been trying to go through git history of relevant changes, but couldn't figure out what might have changed since V81 to prevent CEF from rendering.

Thanks for any clues to keep the search going!

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