Supported Api?

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Supported Api?

Postby Mdmr1 » Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:24 am

We want to create a complex program and exclude that we rely on an unsupported interface.

Then there are other examples online:

ClientV8ExtensionHandler :: Execute
-> Save a reference of v8 context + browser id in the browser app
-> SendProzessMesage (PID_BROWSER, message);
-> ClientHandler :: OnProcessMessageReceived
-> ... do something with the data ...
-> SendProcessMessage (CefProcessId :: PID_RENDERER with the results as argument
-> BrowserApp :: OnProcessMessageReceived
auto global = context-> GetGlobal ();
global-> SetValue ("result", result, V8_PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY);

Is this a normal way to go?
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