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cef/chromium footprint after shutdown

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:19 am
by js532

CEF supposedly isn't offering a functionality to get rid of all open resources and leftover handles after a shutdown. Examples are threads (CacheThread_BlockFile, Threadpools, ...), window handles (Base_PowerMessageWindow) and win hooks (keyboard hooks, etc.).
While it's understandable that most of those remnants are originating from the internal chromium codebase, this is still a considerable issue that needs to be treated.
Whoever can achieve a clean up of those resources should be responsible to do so (if you have direct/indirect access to a thread/window handle, close it). The optimal outcome should lead us to the ability of reinitializing the whole module, even allowing an arbitrary change of base addresses.

This is a big deal because sometimes you wish to load your dependencies/plugins dynamically and the current state completely denies a flawless loading mechanism of cef and it's dependencies, making it only really usable as a fixed dependency, unless you're going to write a wrapper that communicates through another process entirely, which in turn defeats the purpose of cef (especially when already running a seperate executable as subprocess).