CefRequest::Create() and TID_RENDERER

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CefRequest::Create() and TID_RENDERER

Postby raffsalvetti » Mon Mar 15, 2021 3:46 pm

Hello there,

I'm having a bad time while trying to create and send a request from the RENDERER thread.
So, basically I'm calling auto request = CefRequest::Create(); inside the method bool MyV8Handler::Execute (CefV8Handler implementation) and then I'm getting the error
[0315/164323.847681:FATAL:urlrequest_impl.cc(39)] Check failed: false. called in unsupported process

By the way, the documentation (https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/ ... t-requests) says that:
Browser-Independent Requests
Applications can send network requests not associated with a particular browser via the CefURLRequest class. Implement the CefURLRequestClient interface to handle the resulting response. CefURLRequest can be used in both the browser and render processes.

I know that MyV8Handler::Execute is running at RENDERER thread because CefCurrentlyOn(TID_RENDERER) returns true.

I can do CefRequest::Create() on TID_UI threads so I've tried to call CefPostTask(TID_UI, base::Bind(&MyApp::HandleRequests, this, data)) however I'm getting the error
[0315/164123.791834:WARNING:task_impl.cc(19)] No task runner for threadId 0

HandleRequests is a method to create and send a new request that runs at the TID_UI (CefCurrentlyOn(TID_UI) returns true).

I'm building my app with the binary CEF 87.1.12+g03f9336+chromium-87.0.4280.88.

so, how do we do to send an independent request at the renderer thread?

am I missing something?
any help would be appreciated!

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