how increase score to Recaptcha V3 ?

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how increase score to Recaptcha V3 ?

Postby ersonmotta » Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:29 am

Hello guys, I'm using cef with C# with the cefsharp framework, after updating the chromium of the date 04/21/2021 some automations of mine lost operation because of returning a score 0.3<, before that worked perfectly, does anyone have an idea te how to increase this score with some configuration or procedure?

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  "success": false,
  "hostname": "",
  "challenge_ts": "2021-04-22T05:58:08Z",
  "apk_package_name": null,
  "score": 0.3,
  "action": "examples/v3scores",
  "error-codes": [
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