Initial patch to enable building Cef using local mirrors

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Initial patch to enable building Cef using local mirrors

Postby grossag » Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:20 am

I attached the patch and description to this issue ... -downloads then realized that it should have gone here. Here is the description:

I am getting pretty far in the process and am hoping to submit a few changes to the active branches (master and 2526?). I have attached a patch (script_changes.diff) that contains my recent changes but am not sure how best to send it out for review; the patch is relative to branch 2526. I also apologize that the patch contains a combination of different changes rolled into one diff. The changes are:

  • Changes cmake requirement from to That happens to be what we have internally and it has worked well for me. Please let me know if there are any extra factors that specifically required
  • New command-line arguments:
    --chromium-url: Allows overriding the synced Chromium URL
    --no-cef-update: Allows bypassing the step to sync cef. Internally we use it as a git submodule for build reproducibility.
    --no-depot-tools-update: Allows bypassing the step to update depot_tools. Again we use this as a git submodule for build reproducibility.
    --distrib-subdir: Allows specifying the subdirectory name of chromium/src/cef/binary_distrib. Currently creates a very specific directory name that is difficult for our scripts to parse and I wanted to bypass this.
  • Support in for --distrib-subdir.

That last "--distrib-subdir" is one that I want to explain a bit more because I'm not sure I'm doing it the best way. The problem is that right now the scripts create a subdirectory named, for example on branch 2454, "cef_binary_3.2454.0.gUnknown_windows32". Our build then needs to extract that folder to a staging directory that is consumed by other components. I have found that my scripts are a lot easier to understand if I override that subdir name to something more static, like "cef-package".

This works for us because we only build either debug or release builds and only x86, so there is no conflict between multiple folders. But I am wondering if it would be better if I just add a simpler command-line arg like "--use-basic-distribdir-name". In this case can do something like "cef-package-[debug,release]-[x86,x64]". This would still work for our purposes but would make it more future-proof if building multiple configurations.
Patch with initial changes relative to branch 2526
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Re: Initial patch to enable building Cef using local mirrors

Postby magreenblatt » Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:40 pm

Thanks, I responded in the issue.
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