Chromium and special characters issue

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Chromium and special characters issue

Postby miro » Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:39 am

im facing a problem with chrome/chromium and special characters like é or á etc. also any character that has an "´" or "`" above.
I found some other posts with WM_DEADCHAR and the similar problems on Linux but non of the suggestions lead to solve my problem.
Cef ignores the first input of the special characters like "´", all next keyboard inputs with the same character they works
Exact description of an issue:
- OS Win10 with German Language and German keyboard layout
- To write an á or é use keyboard with German layout and press fist "´" and than "e" as result should be an é visible
- To write an "´´" you have to press "´" twice, but by first time writing you have to press the 3 times, first key press is ignored, and than the next 2 show an expected character "´´"

It seems as the cef ignores the first input of special characters, all next characters they works and the expected letter é (or any other with the ´ above) is show as expected.
This can be reproduced with Chrome browser latest version and with CefSimple project downloaded from git.
Is there any solution for that or have anyone some suggestion to do a fix for this?

Best regards
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