cefclient OSR and multi-threaded-message-loop

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cefclient OSR and multi-threaded-message-loop

Postby ejorge » Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:47 am

Hello there (and, we do not say it enough, but, thank you for your great work)
From CEF-89, I got an issue using with OSR mode.
1 - Steps to reproduce:
-- Launch ./cefclient --offscreen-rendering-enabled
-- https://www.google.com is loaded
-- From the address bar, copy (using ctrl+c) the url or some word of the url (e.g: google)
-- Paste the related text (using ctrl+v) in an input field into the webview (e.g: google.com search field)

2 - Expected output: the text may be pasted
Instead, the entire application freezes, then after exactly 30 sec, the application comes back to life but the copied word is not pasted

3 - Tested version : CEF 90 (https://cef-builds.spotifycdn.com/cef_b ... 64.tar.bz2) built and run from Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits
The issue seems to have been introduced from CEF 89. I could not reproduce it using CEF 88.
I tried to look for commits related to OSR between CEF-88 (4324)/CEF-89 (4389) i.e: c761b1e8c, c02bfc66c, c1f90d8c9, 0ee212251.
The last one refers to #3087
and I tried using: ./cefclient --offscreen-rendering-enabled --multi-threaded-message-loop
Then it works! but, why with those flags combination?
Do offscreen-rendering need multi-threaded-message-loop from CEF-89?
Thanks for your expertise!
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Re: cefclient OSR and multi-threaded-message-loop

Postby salvadordf » Mon Apr 26, 2021 7:43 am

I can reproduce this issue too with the latest cefclient.
I also tried the CEF4Delphi demos on Linux and they have the same issue.

Edit: One CPU core uses 100% when pasting the text.
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Re: cefclient OSR and multi-threaded-message-loop

Postby magreenblatt » Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:39 am

Sounds like a bug. Please file an issue for it.
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